Matthew Luxon

Matthew Luxon

Director of Envision (New Zealand)

During his 10 years as a social worker Matthew saw the impact social enterprise can have in generating social good, with his last role being funded by hospice shops selling second hand material.

In what felt like a natural progression from social work to social enterprise, Matthew made the jump to self-employment four years ago, working alongside Envision NZ founder Warren Snow before taking over completely last year. For over 17 years Envision has focused on ‘business development for community development’ specialising in supporting community-led resource recovery enterprises.

Through Envision, Matthew provides; general consulting services to local authorities, mentorship support to start up enterprises, capacity development training, study tours and business development investigation.

Believing it is important to ‘walk the talk’, Matthew founded and managed the start-up of Resource Rescue, a social enterprise repairing large appliances in Glen Innes, Auckland. Resource Rescue won ‘Best Emerging Social Enterprise’ in 2016 from Rotary Newmarket and is achieving its goals of; diverting waste from landfill, creating employment and generating revenue for its charitable trust owners.