David Parks

David Parks

Director of The Skill Mill Limited (United Kingdom)

David is from Glasgow, Scotland whose career has focused on developing multi-disciplinary services for young offenders.

He has established an international network, sharing practice and ideas with criminal justice agencies including the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (USA) and academic and practice institutions in Europe. He chairs the partnership between Newcastle YOT where he is Team Manager and Northumbria University which includes all faculties and other criminal justice agencies.

He qualified in the Advanced Diploma in Practice Education and Development (Social Work) in 2003. He teaches a number of Criminology, Law and Social Policy modules at Northumbria University as an Associate Lecturer and is an external member of the Northumbria University Centre for Crime and Justice.

In 2013 he founded The Skill Mill Limited – a multi award-winning Social Enterprise dedicated to the employment of young ex-offenders in environmental work – with teams established and developing across the UK, Europe and USA. More recently he has co-founded E-dible a Social Enterprise which tackles food waste in innovative and creative ways and provides training and employment opportunities.

David is also an Executive Director of the Association of YOT Managers In England.