Transitional City Stream

The backdrop of SEWF 2017 is the transitional city of Christchurch and its community’s spirit of innovation and positive disruption.

The Transitional City Stream is about opening up the Forum to the city of Christchurch with a programme of tours and activities for both the public and delegates, offered by the local community and local practitioners. An expansive programme will run over 8 days around the Forum, from Saturday September 23rd to Saturday September 30th, to give the public and all delegates an authentic and meaningful experience of social enterprise in the host city for SEWF 2017.

The Transitional City stream is made possible by the continuous support of the Christchurch City Council. The team at the Council is working with local social entrepreneurs and community activators to design this programme and bring it to life. The local community is committed to showcasing the best of their remarkable city with public events, activities, and tours that will give the public and all delegates a chance to get under the skin of the local social enterprise sector. These tours will enable you to experience the work of some fabulous local social entrepreneurs first-hand!

All SEWF 2017 delegates get a chance to sign up for the below local social enterprise tours. You will get a link to sign up for the tours as part of the registration process.  Delegates - click here to get your ticket to SEWF 2017.

Public registration coming soon. 


Brought to you by

Matapopore - Rebuilding Christchurch through a lens of Indigenous Urban Design and Cultural Storytelling


About the Social Enterprise:

Matapopore Charitable Trust was established by Ngai Tūāhuriri, the mana whenua /tribe who hold local authority within Christchurch.  Matapopore provides cultural advice on Ngāi Tūāhuriri /Ngāi Tahu values, narratives and aspirations.  This cultural identity is then inserted into urban form through design, architecture, landscape architecture and expressions through art into key rebuild projects of Christchurch City.

Tour Description:

If you are interested in heritage, art or indigenous urban design, this is the tour for you! 

The tour will demonstrate how Ngāi Tūāhuriri / Ngāi Tahu narratives and values have been embedded into projects through art, te reo Māori, landscaping and spatial configuration.  The tour will follow a trail starting at the South Frame project then on to the Justice Precinct and the Earthquake Memorial.  

Continuing along the Ōtākaro River to the Bridge of Remembrance we will share our views about two trail projects - Ngā Whāriki Manaaki and the Literary Trail.  We will finish at the terraces for a discussion on mahinga kai/food gathering and the significance of the Ōtākaro to mana whenua as a wāhi taonga/treasured place. Along the way different cultural advisors will take time to talk about their particular expertise.

Date: Tuesday 26 September
Time: 1.50pm - 4.30pm
Maximum Numbers: 20
Price: free of charge
Subject To: Will be cancelled in wet weather

Matapopore website



Te Rūnanga o Koukourarata

About this Social Enterprise

Te Rūnanga o Koukourarata is a Māori village with a 1000 year history, that also operates as a successful social enterprise combining their traditional taewa (potato) growing skills with education and employment opportunities.

Tour Description:

Your tour will take you around the scenic bays of Lyttelton Harbour to Port Levy where you will meet the Maori community and social enterprise of Koukourarata. You will experience a customary Maori welcome on to the Marae, where you will learn about their vision of creating employment, education enterprise and other opportunities, as well as indigenous food growing methods. Get involved with potato planting and meet the community, who will also put lunch on for you.
(Accessibility to the potato farm could be an issue for anyone with mobility difficulties)

Date: Monday 25 September
Time: 8.45am - 3.15pm  
Max Numbers: 30
Cost: $73
Subject To: Numbers - minimum of 15 | Weather - light rain is fine, will be cancelled in heavy rain

Hāpai website 

A Taste of Kiwi Ingenuity

About C1:

One of the great stories of innovation and success in post-earthquake Christchurch, C1 does things differently, and places real emphasis on sustainability and looking after communities, including working with families in Samoa who provide them with coffee.

Tour Description:

Come and experience one of Christchurch’s most popular and innovative cafe’s! Hear the ‘C1 story’ of resilience, ingenuity, and community in a post-earthquake environment. Hear about all of the measures they have taken to become a leader in sustainability. Learn about the strong relationships forged with Samoan families who now grow and supply C1 with coffee, cocoa and fruits for C1’s Golden Panther Teas, and even better - get to taste them!

Date: Monday 25 September and Tuesday 26 September 
Time: 1.55pm - 2.45pm / meeting location and time will be notified 
Max Numbers: 20 (places are limited so bookings are essential)
Price: Free of charge 

C1 Espresso website 

Good things come to those who buy them - Common Good & Addington Coffee Co-op

About the Social Enterprise:

Addington Coffee Co-op is part of a larger business - Common Good, which exists to help community transformation around the world through good job creation. Common Good is involved in the apparel manufacturing, coffee and hospitality industries with a presence in NZ, India, Australia, and Canada.

Tour Description:

Spend time at the popular Addington Coffee Co-op hearing about Common Good - their people focussed business in New Zealand and India. Learn about and discuss social enterprise initiatives around coffee, hospitality, apparel manufacturing and job creation. All profits are reinvested into job creation enterprises, so why not grab a coffee or one of the locally produced, ethically traded or environmentally friendly gifts from the store and become part of their story - changing the way business is done!

Date: Monday 25 September and Tuesday 26 September
Times: 10.15am - 12.30pm and 1.15pm - 3.30pm
Max Numbers: 12
Price: $26 - transport fee -  option to purchase related products (coffee, food, apparel)
Subject To: Numbers 

Addington Coffee Co-Op website | Liminal website | Common Good website

Sweet Justice Chocolate Factory Tour


About the Social Enterprise:

Trade Aid is New Zealand’s oldest and largest fair trade organisation, helping talented people around the world improve their lives through fair trade.

Tour Description:

Taste the Revolution! A unique opportunity to visit Trade Aid’s Sweet Justice Factory, the first 100% fair trade chocolate factory in the world. See the factory in motion, sample our artisan chocolate products and learn about the difference this trading model creates for the South and Central American farmers of our cocoa and sugar products.

Date: Tuesday 26 September
Time: 1.45pm - 3.45pm 
Max Numbers: 15
Price: $26 - transport fee only
Subject To: Numbers

Trade Aid website

Pathway Social Enterprise Hub - Official Opening

About the Social Enterprise:

Pathway Charitable Group is a social enterprise that offers people a fresh start with accommodation, employment and prison reintegration. We walk with people on the margins to help them be-come positive-participating members of their community.

Event Description:

Pathway Charitable Group was launched with a determination, desire and a dream. Determination to build a social enterprise; desire to help those who want to make a fresh start; and a dream to help other SE's do the same. 19 years later we are in a position to help SE's increase their impact. Set within an existing SE environment, Pathway Social Enterprise Hub is a space for those who could do more if they had access to working resources (Marketing; Sales Coaching; HR; Finance; and Mentoring). 

Join us for the official opening of the Hub, as we celebrate a space for purposeful people to create our tomorrow. Drinks and nibbles provided.

Date: Thursday 28 September
Time: 5.15pm - 6.45pm
Max Numbers: 50 
Price: Complimentary
Subject To: Numbers 

Pathway website


Helping our Community Grow


About the Social Enterprise:

Trees For Canterbury:

Trees For Canterbury is a well-established community organisation which cultivates native plants for community plantings, has a strong recycling ethic, and offers opportunities and environmental education to disadvantaged people.

Richmond Community Garden:

Richmond Community Garden is a well established community garden and house on the edge of the earthquake's ‘red zone' which supports the local community by combating social isolation with groups and activities in the house. There is a focus on teaching self sufficiency thru growing veggies while having fun and creating friendships.

Tour Description:

Come along and see a Social Enterprise at work.  Steve will show you around the fully functional large scale community nursery. He will share his 25 years at Trees for Canterbury, and you can meet the people, feel the passion and hear the “legends” of where they began and what they have accomplished. 

After Trees For Canterbury you will be personally guided via shuttle thru the ‘Red Zone’ and to the historic grounds of Avebury Park and the Richmond Community Gardens. This is a social enterprise regenerating a small part of the ‘Red Zone’, showcasing what can be achieved by the community without heavy reliance on external funding sources.  Your tour of the garden is followed by an afternoon tea in Avebury House to discuss how Avebury has always operated within the social enterprise model.

**Sturdy flat footwear to get you over the bumps and keep your feet dry in the puddles are essential**

Date: Monday 25 September and Tuesday 26 September
Time: 12.40pm - 3.40pm
Max Numbers: 15
Price: $53 (afternoon tea included) 
Subject To: Not affected by weather, dress appropriately. Covered sturdy footwear essential - ground can be very muddy

Trees For Canterbury website | Richmond Community Garden website | Avebury Park website


Citizen Innovation

About the Social Enterprise:

Fabriko equips people with skills and tools to collaboratively solve local problems and contribute to a rapidly changing world.

Tour Description:

Fabriko operates Fab Lab Chch, a citizen innovation lab that encourages people to creatively ex-periment with the modern tools of invention, including 3D printing, Arduino and Augmented Reality. Visit the centrally located Fab Lab Chch to get a deeper understanding of how, through the access economy and open source principles, creative citizens are going high-tech. Also learn how Fabriko is remixing this knowledge into hands-on education programmes for schools.

Date: Monday 25 September
Time: 8.45am - 10.00am
Max Numbers: 15
Price: Free of charge
Subject To: Numbers

Fabriko website

It Takes A Village To Raise a Child


About the Social Enterprise:

Te Pā o Rākaihautū is a unique 21st century character school which operates less like a school and more like a pā (village). Catering to pupils from early childhood to tertiary education and involving the whole family, Te Pā has set out to redefine how, where and when the best learning happens for the whanau (family), and pushes the boundaries of what education looks like in an innovative pā wānanga (learning village) model of teaching.

Tour Description:

Your tour takes you on a fascinating journey through this unique and successful Maori learning village. A special welcome greets you upon arrival at Te Pā, where you will hear the story of it’s foundations, and take a tour around the facility to witness this innovative teaching model first hand. You will come away impressed and inspired by the passion and dedication which has contributed to bringing this community vision to life so successfully.

Date: Tuesday 26 September
Time: 9.15am - 11.45am
Max Numbers: 15
Price: $36
Subject To: Numbers

Te Pā o Rākaihautū website

Local Food Projects in Central City Christchurch


About the Social Enterprise:

Cultivate Christchurch:

Cultivate Christchurch is building a network of urban farms that serve as a place for young people to grow skills and gain experiences they need to live the lives they value with the support of our community.

Can Do Catering:

Can Do Catering creates real employment and a sense of purpose for individuals with significant physical impairments and develops their practical and vocational skills through working with food.

Otakaro Orchard:

The Otakaro Orchard is a community-led anchor project of Christchurch's rebuild, creating a demonstrational hub for local food in partnership with local business, and national government.

Tour Description:

Come and see a thriving urban farm operation in the centre of Christchurch City, where you will find a serious, highly functional, reliable business that is sophisticated, fun, joyful, and producing exceptional quality food offerings and community services. 

We begin with a special lunch provided by Can Do Catering - one of the city’s newest catering so-cial enterprises. Then you will tour the space, and you can either choose to soak it in or jump into the mix with the friendly Cultivate farm crew who will find you something hands-on to do that suits you and you best!  

Next we walk to the nearby site of the exciting new Otakaro Orchard project which illustrates the next chapter for food resilience in Christchurch. Building on the work of Cultivate and many others, you will hear about their journey to sustain their collective work in the coming decades. Successes, failures, and global best practices. 

This is an easy walking tour which takes you to two locations within the central city 

**Sturdy closed footwear compulsory, and wear appropriate clothing. **

Date: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September
Time: 12.30pm - 3.15pm
Max Numbers: 15
Price: $36 (includes lunch)
Subject To: Numbers, can go ahead in any weather (sturdy closed footwear and smiles compulsory)

Cultivate Christchurch website | Cultivate Christchurch Facebook | Cultivate Christchurch Instagram @cultivatechristchurch | Otakaro Orchard website | Can Do Catering website

Employment is Empowerment


About the Social Enterprises:

Pathway Trust:

Pathway Charitable Group is a social enterprise that offers people a fresh start with accommoda-tion, employment and prison reintegration. We walk with people on the margins to help them be-come positive-participating members of their community.

Kilmarnock Enterprises:

Kilmarnock is in the business of changing attitudes towards disability. We provide education, em-ployment and opportunity, empowering people with disabilities to lead purposeful and dignified lives.

Can Do Catering:

Can Do Catering creates real employment and a sense of purpose for individuals with significant physical impairments and develops their practical and vocational skills through working with food.

Tour Description:

Your tour takes you around 3 local successful social enterprises, which provide employment oppor-tunities to three very different communities. 

We begin with a visit to Pathway Trust, where we hear their remarkable story of how just three guys with a shared belief and a unique idea have created an organisation offering a fresh start to people needing employment or new skills, those being released from prison and trying to reintegrate into society, and those needing accommodation assistance. 

Next we have an incredible opportunity to visit Kilmarnock Enterprises to meet an amazing group of people, and experience a unique insight into the operations of a very diverse social enterprise. The tour of Kilmarnock will take you right through the factory where you will see e-waste being pro-cessed, products being packed and assembled, toys being manufactured, recycled glass being re-purposed, products being refurbished, and food being packed. Not to mention a lot of smiles! Every day is different at Kilmarnock but one thing remains the same; their commitment to providing a fun, respectful, and inclusive workplace. 

We have a special end to our tour with a visit to Can Do Catering, where you will learn about this successful catering social enterprise, and then have the opportunity to chat with the team while they proudly create a delicious afternoon tea for you to enjoy.

Date: Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th September
Time: 12.15pm - 4.10pm
Max Numbers: 15
Price: $72 (includes afternoon tea)
Subject To: Numbers

Kilmarnock website | Pathway website  | Can Do Catering website

Building Community by Building Buildings


About the Social Enterprise:


XCHC (Exchange Christchurch Ltd) is a cultural enterprise with the purpose to cultivate a creative ecology.  It was established in the post-earthquake context and the result of the city having lost the majority of its grade C building stock, which is where creatives typically occupy and develop their businesses.  XCHC is a hub for all types of creatives to meet and share ideas.  The open plan space has production space to create creative works; a showcase space to share creative works and the café to welcome the public in to see the works and provide feedback. 

Ohu – Office for Holistic Urbanism:

Ohu is a company started on the back of observing what transpired through the development of XCHC and other community minded projects in Christchurch. There are a number of people passionate about building communities to serve a range of purposes, but there are often essential skills missing for these communities to succeed.  Ohu Development is established to support communities to collectively create and own their own asset. The purpose is to transform the built environment through using regenerative economic models in community ownership of our built environment.

Space Craft Systems (WikiHouse NZ): 

Founded in the aftermath of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes Space Craft Systems is a New Zealand-based social enterprise, leading the world in developing the WikiHouse open-source building system along with its implementation through the activation and engagement of the Citizen Sector.

Tour Description:

Your tour begins with a visit to Ohu, based at XCHC, where Camia Young and Preston Hegel will share with you the purpose and motivations behind these two social enterprises. XCHC Café will provide you with lunch, the café sources its ingredients from local farmers and the menu changes daily based on what is seasonal. They will share with you XCHC’s story, and you will see how things that start with a social purpose can be nurtured into creating big impact and lasting change.

Last but not least we head to Space Craft Systems to see the most advanced prototype ‘slice of WikiHouse’ in the world at the first global ‘WikiLab’ manufacturing premises, and meet the everyday people who have made this happen. There will be a presentation from the founders - why they’re so passionate about this project, the values they bring to their work and their ability to engage the Citizen Sector directly in the delivery of the built environment. Find out what distinguishes the WikiHouse method of community based manufacture and who builds the houses that are going to change the world!

There will be interactive displays & demonstrations and a chance to view the scale-models and understand how they translate holistic thinking into built form. Plenty of opportunities for Q&A at the end.

Date: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September
Time: 12.00pm - 4.35pm
Maximum Numbers: 40
Price: $86 (lunch included)
Subject To: Minimum numbers. Please note you will need to comply with Health and Safety directives from SCS staff as Space Craft Systems is a working factory environment. Sturdy footwear is required - no open toes or high heels.

OHU website | XCHC website | Space Craft Systems website | WikiHouse NZ website


Architecture Now Interview | What Next TV programme - Episode 4 including SCS/ WikiHouseNZ

David & Goliath - the unofficial and official Christchurch rebuilds


About the Social Enterprises:

Gap Filler is a creative urban initiative that facilitates a wide range of experimental and participatory civic projects, events, installations and amenities in the city.

Greening the Rubble creates responsive public spaces that promote biodiversity, wellbeing and community engagement.

Tour Description:

For seven years, Gap Filler, Greening the Rubble and others have been leading a creative grass-roots response to the devastating earthquakes of 2010/2011, gaining worldwide recognition in the process. Go on a walking tour with the organisations’ founders, experience some of their long-standing projects as well as some brand new ones. Learn also about the state of the city and how these community projects co-exist with both the government-led public sector projects and the private sector rebuild.

Date: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September
Time: 9.20am - 11.30am
Maximum Numbers: 20
Price: Free of charge (donations welcome), bookings are essential as maximum numbers apply
Subject To: Numbers. Will go ahead in any weather - dress appropriately for the weather. 

This tour is accessible for everyone, although there may be uneven surfaces on some public access ways. Wear comfortable footwear.

Gap Filler website | Greening the Rubble website

An amble in the Avonside Red Zone


About the Social Enterprise:

Avon-Ōtākaro Network is a post-quake community network seeking to turn the Ōtākaro-Avon Riv-er red zone into a city-to-sea multipurpose river park that meets diverse community needs while restoring the maximum possible native habitat.

Tour Description:

We will be accessing the residential red zone via public transport. This is a guided walking tour of the Avonside portion of the red zone, a large tract of vacated land along a significant urban river corridor, exploring the earthquake impacts and opportunities now offered in social, cultural, environmental, and economic terms.  

The terrain is relatively flat but varies in ease of access (not wheelchair friendly), a reasonable level of fitness is required. Please wear robust waterproof footwear and dress for the weather.

Date: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September
Time: 9.05am - 11.50am
Max Numbers: 20
Price: $20
Subject To: Cancelled in extreme weather only

Avon-Ōtākaro Network website


Ngā Hau E Whā National Marae

About the Social Enterprise

Ngā Hau E Whā National Marae is situated on approximately 14 acres of land located in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch. It is the largest national marae in New Zealand. Its mission is to enhance understanding between all people, embracing Māori values, so as to establish and maintain a major focal point for cultural, social and economic development. 

Tour Description

This morning tour will involve a traditional Pōwhiri, a Māori welcoming ceremony, and a presentation that showcases the modern work of the indigenous people of New Zealand. 

Date: Wednesday 27 September
Time: 8.00am - 10.30am
Max Numbers: 350
Price: To be advised 
Subject To: Numbers 
Registration opening soon

A Seed Bed for Social Change

About the Social Enterprise:

Project Lyttelton is a non-profit grassroots organisation committed to building sustainable, connected community. We strive to "be the change we wish to see in the world”.

Tour Description:

Come and explore the vibrant sustainable community of Lyttelton! Learn about Project Lyttelton as a seed bed for Social Change, encouraging a resilient local economy. Take a tour of local innovative businesses with a difference. Enjoy afternoon tea with your hosts in the Community Garden.

In particular, you will learn about and experience the Lyttelton Farmers Market, The Garage Sale, the Community Garden, the Lyttelton Harbour TimeBank, the Harbour Savings Pool, the Harbour Co-op, The Lyttelton Harbour Fruit and Vegetable Collective and hear about some future developments.

Note: anyone with mobility restrictions may find the buildings and steep streets of Lyttelton challenging.

Date: Saturday 23 September 
Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm
(This tour starts in Lyttelton. We suggest either taking the public bus or driving - allow plenty of time to find a park as Saturdays are very busy).
Maximum Numbers: 15
Price: $30
Subject To: Numbers. Bring your umbrellas if it is raining lightly. If the weather is extreme the tour is cancelled!

Project Lyttelton website


WADE: an exhibition


About the Exhibition:

WADE is the work of sculptor Graham Bennett, social theorist John Freeman-Moir, ecologist Shelley McMurtrie, essayist Eefje Broere, photographer Maurice Lye, exhibition advisor Barbara Speedy, and events advisor Nick Gerritsen.

Exhibition Description:

WADE is an interdisciplinary project on our water, our environment, our future. It raises contemporary questions by responding to Hieronymus Bosch’s 500 year-old painting Garden of Earthly Delights. It is an inspiring example of how Art can reference history while highlighting current and future challenges. Joining with many official reports, scientific studies and journalistic investigations WADE offers a sculptural view on the careless use of our water resources, and, invites you to consider your stance and the stance of our society on one of the most serious issues of our time. 

Date: Daily 11.00 am – 6.00 pm, Tuesday 26 September - Thursday 05 October 2017

Venue: Historic Arts Centre Gymnasium space - available courtesy of the Free Theatre    

Entry Free of charge. No registration necessary, attend at leisure.

Launch event: Tuesday 26 September, 6pm - 7.30pm
Max Numbers: 200
This is a (free) ticketed event, registration coming soon. 

WADE website

Graham Bennett Sculpture website


PechaKucha Night Christchurch

1 night of local and international social entrepreneurs talking about PURPOSE


PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where people get together and share their ideas in the PechaKucha 20x20 format: 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds. 

At this event themed Purpose, speakers will explore their purpose, their reason for doing what they do and their creative processes. 

Tickets: Please see newsletter here with link to tickets.