The theme for SEWF 2017, “Ka koroki te manu – Creating our tomorrow”, was an invitation to create a global legacy of positive change and to take an active role in shaping the world’s future. Just as the first birdsong welcomes the potential of tomorrow, SEWF 2017 was a chance to come together and explore the endless possibility in ours.

The programme gave delegates a chance to personalise their experience, with six streams and multiple activities to choose from over the three days. The Core Programme was what you'd expect from a World Forum: packed with sessions to get inspired, learn, discuss and debate. Plus, for the ninth Social Enterprise World Forum, we incorporated a few additional programme design decisions: an Open stream that offered space and support to work on your business and host the conversations you want to have, and the Transitional City stream that showcased the best of Christchurch.

Click on each one of the below streams to find out more and discover the full three-day programme.

SEWF 2017 Programme Streams

Plenary Stream

Main presentations for which all delegates get together.

Mini Plenary Stream

Main presentations with smaller groups of delegates.

Participatory Stream

Interactive sessions running concurrently. Spaces were limited to ensure participation and interactivity.

Workshop Stream

Practical workshops on specific themes, topics or issues.

Open Stream

Dedicated networking area, spaces and support to do business, regeneration space, opportunities for deep dive sessions led by delegates.

Transitional City

A public programme of supplementary activities offered by local practitioners and community, designed to open the Forum to the city of Christchurch.

Lead up events around NZ offered by social enterprise supporters, designed to build momentum and start the conversation in the lead-up to the Forum.